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Click2Pay's brandable portal allows you to customize colors and add your logo

  • Generate anonymous links or customer login for payments
  • Generate customizable receipts from the portal
  • Allow customers to easily see outstanding invoices and pay from your merchant-branded portal.

Click2Pay has integrations in Sage 100, Acumatica, and Quickbooks Online. Sage Intacct is coming soon!
The Click2Pay Interface is integrated directly into your ERP. It produces a link for you to email or post to the customer.
The link takes them to the hosted checkout where they can click the anonymous payment link or (if enabled) click the customer portal link.
Click2Pay_Step3_PortalOptionsThe brandable customer portal (left) allows them to log into their account. The anonymous 'Quick Pay' screen (right) allows them to make a payment easily with no friction and no login.
Click2Pay_Step4_ActivityWindowFor those who enter the customer portal, they have full access to their account and billing history.


Real-time AR Billing & Workflow

Click2Pay works as a complete customer portal -or- as a method for fast pay using anonymous links.

It seamlessly connects to your ERP and payment portal with bi-directional, real-time invoicing and sales support.

  • Integrates with payment documents (Quotes, Sales Order, SO & AR Invoice)
  • Saves tokenized payment information for future use
  • Attaches and displays the original ERP document in PDF format
Click2Pay provides customers with anonymous, one-time-use payment links. No logins or passwords are required. This means faster and more secure processes without CC/ACH information provided to the merchant.
  • Fee Recovery
  • Bi-Directional Data
  • Dynamic Discounting
  • Full-Automation Available
  • Partial Payments
  • Frictionless Customer Portal
  • Changes/Payments Reflect in your ERP in Real-time
  • Brandable to Match your Company Brand/colors

Currently, Click2Pay integrates with the following ERPs:

  • Sage 100
  • Acumatica
  • Quickbooks Online
  • *Coming Soon* Sage Intacct


Release Date: 02.22.2023
Custom solution compatibility:
Acumatica 22r1 and above
Sage 100 2020 (6.20) and above

Merchant Email configuration
Allows the merchant to process emails through their email server. The merchant’s email will send the receipt which the end-user’s receive. The default is to send through the stock Click2Pay portal and have the generic email on the receipts.

Time Zone Standardization
Incorporated time zone into Merchant User profiles. This function is utilized for Dynamic Discounting to obtain the proper timing for discount expiration

Customize Receipt – Field Add
Added PAYMENT and DESCRIPTION fields from the portal payment screen.

Merchant Partial Pay restriction
Added the ability to the merchant to restrict partial pay for their end-users. When this feature is activated Invoices / Sales Orders will not allow partial pay adjustments.

Dynamic Discounting
Integrate ERP terms discounting into portal with timezone review to determine discount expiration. Partial payments not applicable to discounting. Push discounts taken back to ERP.

Payment Restriction by Customer
Merchant level payment type restriction by Customer. Integration to update from ERP.

Payment Limits by Payment Type
Merchant ability to assign payment limits by payment types.

UX refitting for Click2Pay Portal
Reworked all screens based on new Paya standards.
• Branding
• Overall Navigation
• My Account Page
• My Profile
• Login Sign in screen
• Customize Menu
• Customer & Customer pop-up
• Users Page
• Addresses
• Stored Payment Types
• My Activity


Get Paid Faster

Enable customers to pay with a simple click. Click2Pay can automate the collection and acceptance of ACH and credit card payments.


Customer Portal

Completely brandable:
• Add your logo
• Change colors to fit your brand
• Customizable receipts
• Customer view/pay for outstanding invoices, sales orders, or quotes


Lower Your Fees

Qualify for Level 3 processing when available (using the required data). (Visa/Mastercard only)


Seamless Invoicing

Real-time portal updating of invoices and document syncing.
• Invoice balance sync between ERP and portal for changes/deletes
• Multiple invoices can be selected for payment


Multiple ERP Integration

Full ERP integration:
•Update/save credit card information for further processing of voids/refunds
•Links available in AR Invoice/SO Invoice/Sales Orders/Sales Quotes
• Based on the ERP, multiple MIDs per company supported or multiple MIDs per instance.
•PDFs of documents available on Portal
•Customer sync for adds/deletes/changes


Secure Payment Processing

PCI compliant process ensures that raw card data is never stored in your system/portal.
All card information is tokenized after end-user submits information.
Provides for both ACH and Credit Card payments
Anonymous Links for portal pay options,
Full or partial payments allowed for all document types

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